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unit 3 vocab

Deep massive gaseous atmospheres and farther away from the sun.
Cloud that the solar system formed
Inward force that cause a circular path orbit
Force of attraction between objects
Spherical region that surrounds the solar system
Large bodys that planets form
Average distance between sun and earth
When the object is closest to the sun in its orbit
When two or more low mass atomic nuclei collide
Dark areas that form on the suns surface
Earth-centered solar system
Path a body travels around another body
Explosive release of energy outward
Small irregularly shaped rocky object that orbits the sun
Meteroid when it touches earths surface with out burning up
The four small planets rocky and dense
Small body of ice and rock that follows a highly elliptical orbit
All of bodies that orbit sun including the sun
Minor bodies in kuiperbelt
When the object is farthest from the sun in its orbit
Meteroid when it enters our tmoshpere
Disk of material that circles a planet
Sun-centered solar system
A planet round only because of its own gravity
Region of the solar sytem just out beyond neptune
Rocky body that travels through space
Shift of an object when viewed from different locations