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Band Instruments and Terms

Cancels out a sharp or a Flat
This note gets 2 beats
This is the lowest brass instrument in the band.
These are the Spaces of the Bass Clef
The top number tells you how many beats in a measure and the bottom number tells you which note will get one beat. Example: 4/4
Raises the note 1/2 step
This low brass instrument does not have valves.
This note gets 1/2 of a beat
This instrument is the smaller cousin of a Tuba
Lowers the note 1/2 step
This clef is also known as the "F" clef and is used in the low brass instruments
This note gets 1 beat
This note gets 4 beats
Five lines and four spaces
These are the "silence" in music
These are the Lines of the Bass Clef