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Julius Caesar, Act III, Sc i

Caesar's nephew who is on his way to Rome
What Antony calls the murderers when he is alone
The punishment for the brother of Metellus
He suggested murderers bathe in Caesar's blood
The mountain in Greece where the gods lived
A petition or plea presented to Caesar
Type of speech Antony gives at the end of Act III, Sc. i
Tells Antony he can say nothing bad about the conspirators
Caesar says he is as constant as this
Site of the funeral
Offers a petition with the conspirators' names on it
Feb. 15 holiday
Cassius fears this man knows their purpose
An elderly senator confounded by the mutiny
Murder weapons used by conspirators
The stand from which Brutus will address the people
Will speak last at Caesar's funeral
Does not want Antony to speak at the funeral
Shook the bloody hands of the conspirators
Says he will kill himself if Caesar discovers the plan
Asked Caesar to pardon his brother
The day Caesar died
Caesar compares Metellus to this for begging
Sent by Antony to get permission to talk to Brutus
Struck Caesar first
Scene of Caesar's murder