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Nuclear Chemistry - Reviewing Fun Stuff

Involves the fusing of 2 small nuclei into one larger nucleus
Electric forces in atomic nuclei depend on the number of ____
A photographic device that is used to detect nuclear radiation
Involves the splitting of a large nucleus into 2 smaller fragments
Positively charged particle made up of 2 protons & 2 neutrons
Fission can produce very large amounts of energy from very small amounts of _____
____ dating is used to determine the age of a substance by comparing its carbon-14 levels with the carbon-14 levels in the atmosphere
Nuclear radiation is charged particles & energy that are emitted from the ____ of radioisotopes
All nuclei with 83 or more protons are _____
A ____ rate describes how fast nuclear changes take place in a radioactive substance
The state of matter in which atoms have been stripped of their electrons
The letter "C" in Einstein's mass-energy equation represents what? Speed of _____