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Westlandia Spelling March 13

Name ____________________________

Teacher _____________________ Date ________
A meal set out on a sideboard or countertop
A deep narrow valley with steep sides
A small light structure with one or more open sides used to sell mechandise
A flavoring made from long pods of a tropical American climbing orchid
An oblong edible yellow fruit with many black seeds
Red or sometimes yellow pulpy berry that is eaten as a vegetable
A tall plant related to the daisies having a flower head which is cooked and eaten as a vegetable
A feast
Polynesian dance composed of slow rhythmic body movements
A food made chiefly of wheat flour
A lively dance that originated in Bohema
A ballroom dance in 3/4 time with a strong accent
A yellow fruit
Any several poisonous Asian ans African snakes
A hunting expedition
A slightly acidic semi- solid food that is often flavored and sweetened
An art form that uses dancing to tell a story
A Japanese art o self defense
To cook over or before an open source of heat
A wild rush or flight of frightened animals
A light yellowish brown cloth often used for military uniforms
An Australian tree dwelling marsupial mammal that has large hairy ears, thick gray fur and sharp claws for climbing