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Geography Terms 20-29

The highest point or top of a mountain
A landing place or pier where ships may tie up and load or unload cargo
A place where the water is shallow or of little depth; a sand bank or bar; a shallow
A large, thick collection of trees; a forest
Soft, wet, spongy ground; low ground covered with water
The altitudinal border above which a mountain is always covered with snow
A harbor of the sea, accommodating seafaring vessls
A narrow pass or passage either in a mtn. or in the ocean, between continents or other land bodies
An eddy of water, a vortex or gulf where the water moves round in a circle
The altitudinal border above which trees do not grow
A vent in the earth's crust from which molten lava and gasses are ejected
A subterraneous arch through a hill
Plants that cover the earth
Any ground whose surface forms an angle with the plane of the horizon
A fall or perpendicular descent of the water of a river or stream; a cascade
Vast treeless plain in arctic in which the ground is perpetually frozen
A tract of low ground or land between hills; a valley
Against the current
A raised bank of earth with sloping sides
A moving swell or volume of water; usually driven by wind
A narrow passage of water; a straight between mainland and isle or between two seas
The upper stratum of the earth; the compound substance that furnishes nutrients to plants
Area that drains into a river; the divide that leads streams of water in two opposite directions
A prairie; grassy plain with few trees and a shortage of rain; found in SE Europe and Siberia
A current of water like a river, brook, or rivulet; a current of water in the ocean
The line where a body of water meets the land
The cyclical rise and fall of sea water resulting from the gravitational force between earth and moon
The detailed description of a particular place or region; physical features
A large, flat section of land higher than surrounding area
Ocean surface level
Smaller stream or river flowing into a larger body of water
A small point of land running into the sea; a long narrow shoal extending from the shore into the sea
A hollow or low tract of land between mountains or hills
The coast or land adjacent to a sea, large lake, or river