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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Suffix -or, -er, -ist

The ______ of the kingdom was kind and compassionate.
A ______ in the American Revolution would have remained loyal to the King of England.
Ben Franklin was a famous ______.
Our ______ told the troops to drop the food off at the commissary.
A ______ is the head of the postal service.
The ________ ran out of gas and caused a huge traffic jam.
A ______ rules with total power and usually with force.
Mozart was a famous _____.
The _______ got lost and had to ask directions to get to the museum.
The ______ of the town built a new playground at the park.
My little brother had to go to the ____ to get a shot.
An ______ makes sure that a newspaper is ready to go to print.
The ______ stands behind the batter in baseball.
A _____ from the race went off the road!
Sometimes if math is hard for us we might need a ________.
_______ bees go out and collect the pollen to make honey.
If you love to study plants you might want to become a ______.
Eric Carle is a ____ of children's books.
When we need some work done on our cabinets we call a _____.
A _______ studies living organisms.
An _____ can be in a play or movie.
This weekend we are expecting a ________.
A ______ conducts research with chemicals.
If you are in the Navy you are called a _______.
The player in baseball who throws the ball is called the _____.
The ______ is making me a special birthday cake.
The _____ used paint to create her masterpiece.