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American Revolution

A person who wanted the American colonies to gain their independence from Britain
Boston _____- Event where British soldiers opened fire on a colonial mob in self defense which resulted in 5 colonial casualties. This event would further resentment against the British.
British soilders who fought against the colonists in the American Revolution; so called because of their red uniforms
__________ of 1763-King George III ordered the colonist to stay behind the Appalachian Mountains to avoid conflict with the Native Americans
The first British colony
Samuel ______- person who led the coordinated the Boston Tea Party; signed declaration of independence
Number of British colonies in 1732
_____ Act-Tax on molasses
Treaty of _____-a peace agreement that officially ended the Revolutionary War and established British recognition of the independence of the United States
To refuse to buy items from a particular country.
____ Act- forced colonists to pay taxes on British tea
Hired foreign soldiers
A government where there is only one King or Queen to rule the country.
Battle of _____ was the "turning point" in the Revolutionary War
Boston Tea _____- Event where rebels of the Sons of Liberty dress up like Native Americans and tossed British Tea in the Boston Harbor.
A person who remained loyal to the British during the American Revolution
Volunteer soldiers who were ready to fight in a moments notice
Battle of ______-the last major battle of the Revolutionary War; site of British general Charles Cornwallis surrender to patriots in Virginia
_______ Washington-was a general in the American Revolution and later became our first president of the Untied States
Battle of ______-occured in new jersey...Patriot forces captured more than 900 Hessian troops