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Parts of a Plant

Outer covering of flower buds
Female reproduction part of the flower
System that contains xylem and phloem cells
Outer edge of leaf
Flower that has all 4 main components
Found in most dicot plants- creates new xylem and phloem cells
Green pigment in plants
Root system of a monocot plant
Food storage cells
Process in which plants make their own food
Food storage of the herbaceous plant
Male reproduction part of the flower
Converts light energy into sugars
Holds the leaf to the stem
Middle layer of leaf where photosynthesis occurs
Openings at the bottom of the leaf where gas and water are exchanged
Non flowering plant
Most dicot plant stems; hard, non-bendable
Gathers pollen; part of female reproduction
Middle of the leaf
Leaf venation on monocot leaves
Carries food (sugar)
Like skin- outer layer of root and stem that protects the plant; gas exchange
Root system of a dicot plant
Loss of water and exchange of carbon dioxide
One cotyledon
Strength tissue; helps to prevent kinks in xylem and phloem
All Monocot stems; soft and bendable
Flowering plant
Brightly colored part of the flower
Two cotyledons
Holds the pollen
Leaf venation of dicot leaves
Transports water and minerals
Seed production site