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Unit 2 Antebellum Era

Activities and speech designed to end slavery
White abolitionist publisher of The Liberator newspaper
Founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church. Founded the first school for African American children in Philadelphia, PA.
Black abolitionist whose autobiography and his newspaper ‘The North Star’ were instrumental in teaching Northern whites about the horrors of slavery and the humanity of enslaved peoples.
Representation in Congress for each state was based upon the total # of free people and a portion of the enslaved population.
Law that said runaway slaves could not get freedom by going to a free state
Led the most successful slave revolt in history, leading to 55 deaths
1839 slave uprising on a Spanish ship in American waters
Former slave who argued for abolition and feminism in her 'Ain't I a woman speech'
To gain freedom from slavery
Charleston minister of the Emmanuel AME Zion church who was accused of organizing, although did not carry out, a rebellion in SC in 1822.
Religious songs sung by slaves. Often had coded phrases that allowed slaves to communicate about escape in front of whites.
Time in U.S. History after the Revolutionary War, but before the Civil War
Society founded in 1816 for the purpose of relocating slaves and free blacks back to Africa.
Slave trade within the U.S. that begins after the invention of the cotton gin. Slaves sold from upper South to the lower South.
Author of 'An Appeal to the Colored People of the World'