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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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John 4:4-42

Jesus and the Woman at the Well.
And also will worship in..
The Gospel our scripture text in found in today.
This is what Jesus says he is in John 4:7
John 4:14 the water that I give will become in those who drink it a spring of water that bubbles up into____________ (two words).
Jesus says in Jn. 4:35
Who arrived and was shocked that Jesus was talking to a Samaritan. See John 4:27
Listen for the sermon Pastor Leah says this is an undeserved gift from God
What the samaritan woman tells the villagers to do. John 4:39
Jesus tells the woman to go get her_______
True worshippers will worship in.... John 8:22
The chapter which Pastor Leah read out of
Number of husbands the woman has had See John 4:18
Jesus tells the woman that he would give her living....
I know that the_______ is coming, the one who is called the Christ. See John 4:25
The name of the city you live in
Listen to the sermon this is what Pastor Leah says we all must do as Christians
The color of sister Leah's robe