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Electricity, Energy, and Plants

A circuit with more than one path
Containers of matter with stored chemical energy
The female part of a flower is
Rubber is a good
These produce seeds
The path that electricity travels on is called
Roots take in water and
These make food for the plant
Is the process plants use to make food
To pull toward each other
Supports the plant
To push away from each other
Energy that gives off heat when used.
Is the food a plant makes
A circuit with one path
What bees move from flower to flower
The buildup of electrical charges is caled
Gold, silver, iron, and water are all good
This makes the leaves green
Electrons can be positive, neutral, or
Energy that comes from the Sun is
The seed does this when it begins to grow
This is the stage of a plant that takes place after the seedling stage
These Make a new plant