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From Seed to Plant

By Catch the Science Bug
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Sticky or prickly seeds get spread by sticking on an animal's _ _ _
To grow a plant you need a _ _ _ _
Squirrels help to spread this type of seed by burying them (pluaral)
This is absorbed by the plant from the air. It is needed to make food for the plant.
Waste of a bird might contain _ _ _ _ _ seeds that start to grow into a new plant. When the plant matures it might produce blueberries.
True or False: The amount of sunlight and water needed by all plants is the same.
Photosynthesis is the process by which a plant makes _ _ _ _ for itself. It uses sunlight, water and carbon dioxide from the air. Chlorophyll in the plant absorbs the sunlight.
Move pollen from plant to plant which enables flowers and fruits to grow.
The green substance in plants that absorb light to make food the the plant
This natural force pulls objects to the earth's surface and also helps to spread seeds by pulling them down to the grown.
The main part of the plant that supports the leaves, buds, and flowers.
Helps to spread the seeds of plants by pushing them through the air or along the ground
A gas released by plants that humans and animals need to take in by breathing.
Part of the plant that absorbs nutrients and water that is usually under ground.
Having a chemical formula of H2O, this liquid also can help to spread seeds be falling from the sky or flowing.