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Cell Division

The number of divisions in meiosis
Number of chromosomes in your body cells
Egg and sperm cell
Type of diagram or graphic organizer used to compare/contrast
Number of chromosomes in your gametes
Results in 4, haploid gametes
Where DNA is located in animal cells
Phase in mitosis where there are 2 nuclei
Mitosis is used to ______ damaged body cells.
Half the number of chromosomes resulting at the end of meiosis
The first phase of mitosis
Characteristic that is inherited
Number of parent cells at the beginning of mitosis
Mitosis produces 2 genetically __________ cells.
Asexual Cell Reproduction
Body cells are also called ____________ cells.
Passing down of characteristics to offspring
Part of Interphase where DNA is replicated
The number of divisions in mitosis
Involved in DNA transcription