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Physical Science 3rd Qt. Vocab

                           ANSWER KEY
Physical measurement that does NOT contain directional information
The number of electrons that flow through a circuit in a given amount of time = electrical ?
Friction that exists between surfaces when at least one of those is moving relative to the other
Friction that exists between surfaces when neither is moving relative to the other
Position must always be measured relative to this point
Charging an object by allowing it to come into contact with an object which already has an electrical charge
Asteroids that intersect earth's orbit when they are flung towards earth
The time rate of change of an object's velocity
A force that stays perpendicular to the direction of the velocity creating a circular motion
Standard unit of force
Asteroids that fall to the ground
Theory that states that massive objects are attracted to one another because they exchange particles
Physical measurement that contains directional information
Measure of how much a metal impedes the flow of electrons
A force that opposes motion and results from the contact of two surfaces
State of an object falling towards earth with nothing inhibiting its fall
When asteroids hit earth's atmosphere and make brilliant streaks of light in the sky
Charging an object by forcing some of the charges to leave the object
Current that flows from the positive side of the battery to the negative side
Small "packages" of light that act just like small particles