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Chapter 12 - Kingdoms and Trading States of Africa

the site of stone ruins discovered c1870 in Rhodesia, probably built by a Bantu people, consisting of three main groups of ruins, and dating between the 9th and 15th centuries a.d.
a member of a Bantu people of Zanzibar and the neighboring coast of Africa.
Title of king
a desert in N Africa, extending from the Atlantic to the Nile valley.
King also known as Lion of Mali
Practice in which trees are burned and cut down
a medieval W African empire extending from near the Atlantic coast almost to Timbuktu; flourished from about the 9th to 12th centuries.
a town in central Mali, W Africa, near the Niger River.
inheriting or determining descent through the female line.
a former native kingdom in W Africa: now incorporated into Nigeria.
a social unit composed of two parents and one or more children.
a member of a hereditary caste among the peoples of western Africa whose function is to keep an oral history of the tribe or village and to entertain with stories, poems, songs, dances,
military commander, and political reformer of the Songhai Empire
an ancient region in NE Africa, bordering on Egypt and the Red Sea.
the first king of the Songhai Empire
The 10 th ruler of the mali empire
the processes by which an area becomes a desert.
a plain characterized by coarse grasses and scattered tree growth, especially on the margins of the tropics where the rainfall is seasonal, as in eastern Africa.
a light, knitted woolen head scarf for women.
inheriting or determining descent through the male line.
a city in E Mali