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Police sketch artists still nab bad guys with pencil, paper

________ are neatly arranged alongside Klein's computer at his desk at NYPD headquarters. (P7)
Klein drew an image of a woman last year who tried to snatch a child from a ________ in Central Park; the likeness was passed around to nannies and mothers in the neighborhood, and an arrest was made. (P7)
Law enforcement officials said the work remains valuable because ______________cameras and bystander cellphones can't be everywhere. (P3)
Klein, 35, spent several hours with the _______, showing dozens of different eyes, different face types and hair, revising until they settled on an image that was plastered, literally and virtually, around the city. (P2)
In one cold case in which a 4-year-old boy saw his mother killed. He came to her 35 years later, and they worked on a _________ sketch of the suspect. The suspect was identified from the drawing within a week. (P5)
Marilyn Droz worked as an independent contractor for more than 30 years, and once drew an image of a boy from a skull found in a ________. It turned out the boy had disappeared decades earlier, and her image helped identify him and give closure to his family. (P6)
Klein served two tours in Iraq and then became an NYPD patrol officer for 10 years before discovering the unit existed. He took the _______test and came on last year. (P7)
Many other departments rely on part-time __________, mostly because of budget constraints and the proliferation of surveillance and cellphone cameras, and computer programs. (P4)
Matthew Klein is one of only about 100 full-time forensic artists in the United States, plying a throwback trade that relies on the skill of getting often________ people to open up and talk about a horrific crime. (P1)
"Forensic art is not about creating something beautiful; it's about documenting an intangible piece of ________." (P5)