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Journal Response For To Kill A Mockingbird

A very sweet old lady who a very good example of women in Maycomb
The area that Jem and Scout's ancestors owned
The movies of that time; i.e. Dracula
Spends his summers in Maycomb; best friends with Jem
A troubled man; known as a monster
A young boy who was born a gentleman
Very spooky; seen as a haunted house
A lawyer; Jem and Scout's father
A family in Maycomb; did not borrow anything they could not pay back
A very mature, poor, and dirty young boy
Treated as second class citizens
The town gossip
Very religious baptists; believed that anything fun was a sin
Only went to school one day each year
The first grade teacher in Maycomb
Friends with Dill and is in first grade
Not a real job; used as an excuse
The Finch's cook/mother figure
The county that the Finches live in
A boy in the Ewell family; got into an argument with Miss Caroline