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To Kill A Mockingbird

Widow, neighbor of the Finch's, loves nature
20 year old first grade teacher of Scout
Setting of the novel, old tired town, rainy weather, very hot and humid
Summer friend of Scout and Jem, stays with his Aunt Rachel
Example of a "white trash" family in Maycomb
Poor white boy in Scout's first grade class
State where Dill is from
Haunted house look alike in the neighborhood of Scout and Jem
Point of view the novel is told
Simon Finch's (Atticus' brother) homestead landing
Scout's brother whose in fifth grade, takes all dares
Nickname for Arthur Radley
Neighbor of the Finch's who tells rumors about the Radley's
Social class of Mrs. Caroline in Maycomb
Magazine "Boo" Radley was cutting out of when he stabbed his dad with scissors
Area where Miss. Caroline used to live
Enormous tribe including Arthur Radley, acts as a gang
Scout and Jem's father, lawyer, well-born white
Poor white boy in Scout's first grade class
College where Atticus studied law
Cook (and nanny) of the Finch's houshold,