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Pastors Power Bible Study Crossword Puzzle

What Jesus declared was upon Him
Where the great love chapter is located
The Bible's romance
The doctrine explaining God's different manifestations
The disciple who was questioned three times regarding love
With others you can't get it until you give it
Man does not live by this alone, according to Jesus
The model of faithfully suffering innocently
Where the whole armor of God is listed
Jabez asked for this in his prayer to God in the Old Testament
Psalm 27 says the Lord is _______.
The spiritual gift involving sharing Good News to people who don't know or have not received
The name for God Our Provider
Jesus our beginning and end
The greatest liberation story in the Bible is here
A symbol of the Holy Spirit
The shortest book of the Bilble
_______ is he that is in me, then he that is in the world
The role of the disciple whom SMUC is named after
Two things you must to do be saved
The name of the Lord is this
Where Jesus turned water to wine
What Jesus told Peter he builds the Church
Keep these on Jesus and you will have perfect peace
The process of being made Holy and Righteous
A fifty day period after the Resurrection and before the Birth of the Church
The writer who was historian in the New Testament
The disciple who claims he is the one Jesus loves
Where the great faith chapter is
The disciple who wrote Jesus' geneology
Your escape from punishment you deserve
A symbol of the Holy Spirit in the Bible