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American Revolution

What were George Washington's dentures actually made of?
A man called John _____ was appointed to negotiate peace with England.
An act in which ______ were placed on all exported items from Britain in return for money.
The Commander-in-Chief of the Revolutionary side of the war was named George __________, and later he became the first ever American president.
First name of king in power in Britain during the Revolution.
The length in years of the war that led up to the Revolution.
Espionage played a large role in the war, and the agents involved used invisible ink to write letters.
The Treaty of _____, signed by Britain to acknowledge the independence of the USA.
During the American Revolution, five people were killed during a protest, by British officers. This event is called the Boston ________.
The ______ Tea Party was when a group of 70 Revolutionaries boarded three harboured ships and dumped their load of British Tea.
Who did the American government hire to attack British ships?
Thomas Jefferson, most known for writing the Declaration of Independence, later became _________.
The governing body for the USA during the Revolution , the Continental ________.
Which country secretly provided ammunitions, supplies and weapons the Revolutionaries during the war?
The place where the first ever submarine attack happened during the Revolutionary War.