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6th grade Section 4.7-4.9 Quiz Review

Describes the ocean at its lowest point on the shore.
How long it takes the earth to completely go around the sun, equal to 365 1/4 days.
A group of asteroids found in the inner solar system, many of which cross paths with Earth.
When the sun and moon are aligned with the earth, causing higher than normal high tides, and lower than normal low tides.
Pieces of space debris that are smaller than the smallest of asteroids.
The amount of time it takes a comet to complete an orbit.
The completion of a moon's revolution.
The region of the earth's atmosphere where the harmful ultraviolet radiation is filtered out.
Little "planets" ranging in size from a few hundred miles across to the size of a house; most are found in a belt between Mars and Jupiter.
The type of tide that occurs when the gravitational forces of the sun and moon work against each other, resulting in weaker tides.