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Marine Biology: Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises

Family of whales that skim the surface of the water for food, have long, fine baleen.
Elongated, flattened modifications in the roof of a toothless whale's mouth used for filter feeding.
Order of whales, dolphins, and porpoises.
Used by Cetaceans for hunting, communicating, and navigating.
Explains the toothed whales diet.
Used for sensory purposes by narwhals and belugas to pick up environmental changes.
Gray whales are included in this Family, the only bottom feeding toothless whales.
Short-beaked common dolphin Genus/species, has an hour glass pattern on its side
Right whales
Natural predators to belugas
The largest whale.
How a whale, dolphin, or porpoise undulates its bodies through the water.
ParvOrder of toothed whales.
ParvOrder of toothless whales.
Family of river dolphins.
Whales with 25 - 100 parallel throat grooves that allow them to obtain more water, and therefore more food.
Type of click used for long distances, and large objects.
Rorqual whales are included in this family
Type of click used for short distances and close objects.
Mainly males of this species have a 9' long tusk
Live in high latitudes
Rough patches of skin, forms over hair, full of whale lice
White whales with no dorsal fin and a blunt head.
Explains how the whales, dolphins, and porpoise's young are nourished and born.
The only whale that is not endangered.
Killer whales and the common bottlenose dolphin belong in this Family.
River dolphin that lives in the Mekong River.