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Colonial New Mexico

Known today as the Palace of the Governors. It was the house of the governor for 211 years. Today it is part of a museum. NMJ95
The leader of the Pueblo Revolt. planned strategies that brought about the victory of the Pueblo People. NMJ99
Head official of New Spain. NMJ96
Governor during Pueblo Revolt. (review question: bell ringer)
Center of Spanish communities. Used for public gatherings and trade. In the 1600s it was also used for protection. NMJ95
One of the major diseases that arrived with the Europeans and continued to affect New Mexicans during the time of the Revolt and later. 99
Governor who led a surprise attack on the Comanche and defeated them. 103
___ and Utes were fierce warrior tribes who raided Pueblos and Spanish settlements during lean times and traded with them during times of peace. 103
Spanish settlers who hunted buffalo. 102
Governor of NM: begins reconquest in 1692. 100
A person who flees a place because of war. 99
Councilmen: members of the Cabildo NMJ96
A system in which Spanish citizens and soldiers were given groups of Native people who were expected to work their land. NMJ96
given to citizens of a country to encourage settlement in a new territory or somewhat undesirable area. NMJ96
Necessary to the infrastructure of Spanish settlements: irrigation channels or ditches that provided water for crops NMJ96
Governor who founded Santa Fe. NMJ94
Items made out of raw materials: tools, clothes, etc. (NM had very limited sources of these) NMJ97
A church community built for the purpose of converting Native people to a specific religion NMJ98.
The layout of Santa Fe was Spanish, but the architecture was __NMJ95
The only time in world history that a European conqueror was defeated by Natives. NMJ99
Pueblo church (review vocabulary word. check chapter 3 if you need to)
Housed weapons and supplies that would be needed in case of attack. Spanish soldiers were also stationed there. NMJ95
Cowboys 102
Specific type of sheep brought to NM by the Spanish that significantly influenced the development of the Dine culture. 101