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A government in witch a persons freedom is denied
Was an antibiotic to help soldier's infection
Used radio beams to find the location of objects
A leader who gains complete control of the government
The worst German concentration camp in WWII
A secret operation led by (FDR) developing an atomic bomb wit the help of Albert Einstein
All private property is given to the government
Can destroy hole a city and also put a end to WW2
The name of the German tanks in WWII
Not involved in war
A national socials party
Giving in of aggressive demands to avoid war
An agreement to help another country
What did they call the battle that was on June 6th 1944
The usa lend aid to grate Britain
Limiting of supplies during war
Relocation camps for japs
When Japanese planes attacked this harbor that is when the us got involved in the war
Germany did this to Poland
Men21-39 were required to register for military service