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6th Grade Science Test Review 4.5 - 4.9

When the moon and the sun are aligned, producing higher than high tides and lower than low tides.
The bank of cometlike objects located beyond the orbit of Neptune.
Two planets that do not have any moons.
An asteroid sized chunk of rock, dust, and ice.
Moon seems to hide in this phase.
Formulated the law of universal gravitation.
The distance between the earth and the sun.
The largest heavenly bodies that orbit the sun.
When earth passes through a cluster of meteroids
Completed by the earth every 24 hours
365 1/4 days
Believed in an earth-centered universe.
The sun and all the heavenly bodies that orbit it.
Easy to sight, when the waxing moon is half dark and half light.
The ability of the earth to retain heat.
Help to keep global temperatures mild.
Little "planets" ranging in size from a few hundred miles across to as small as a house.
Region of the earth's atmosphere that filters out UV rays.
A symmetrically shaped oval.
Believed in a sun- centered universe.