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Spring in Biology Land

Male part of a plant
One cotyledon
Baby horse
Monocot example
Waxy covering on outside of leaf
Two cotyledons
Reptiles that hibernate during the winter, mate in the spring and can have live births or hatch from leathery eggs(could have up to 150 babies at one time)
Plant sperm in capsules
State of buds opening
Virginia's state flower
Mammal with large ears and high rate of reproduction
Which came first .".the chicken or the ?"
Flying carriers of pollen
Baby cat
green pigment needed for photosynthesis
Usually green that functions as protection for the flower in the bud
the main body or stalk of a plant
Female part of the flower that contains the ovule
Reactions caused by pollen production
Lay buish eggs in the spring
Seeds in cones or naked
Sheep in its first year
Openings in leaf for gas exchange
Dicot example
Plant eater
constantly provides the stems and leaves with water and dissolved mineral
Yellow and white flowers that bloom in early spring
Occurs first day of spring
Va. state bird
April showers bring May "?"
Female part of a plant
" ? is in the air"
Part of the stamen that produces pollen, usually on a stalk
Flowering plants
Modified leaves that surround the reproductive parts of the flower
Animals that are omnivores and may awaken from a long winter's nap in the spring