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vocabulary review crossword

Is anything that takes up sapce
Is a subatomic particle
Each half of a chromosome is called
A unit in the chromosome map
Made of dna and proteins
One hurts the other but the other is happy
Where cells make atp
Overall energy
The cause of diffusion
Groups of cells that have similar abilities for organs to work
Is a diagram that shows chromosomes
Compounds that absorb the light
Rna directs the assembly
Each phylum
First rna contains the sugar
Are dna cells wrapped tightly
Is produced when glycolysis compounds are produced
Structures with jobs
Both are buds
The simplest particle of an element
are organelles made of protein
The movement of molecules
The smallest unit of life
Dense area in the nuclei
Carbon compounds
Pigment molecules
The combination of additional pathways
Smaller groups
Doesn't require energy to pass the membrane
Is the quantity of matter
The dna ,the coding
Genetically determined characteristic
Six-carbon compounds
The control center
A change in the nucleotide sequence
Surrounds the grana
Occurs in organ gametes
Smaller group of cells