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5th Grade Music

A person who writes music is called a...
The names of the four SPACES on the treble clef staff
This note gets one beat (tah)
...Means the sound can go up and down
Louis Armstrong's instrument
A person who was born with special talents and abilities is called a....(hint: Mozart was one)
....Means the sound stays the same
Another name for 3/4 time (hint: it's also a type of dance)
...Means to make it up as you go
These notes get half a beat (ti-ti)
How many beats does a dotted half note get?
The number of lines on a staff
This composer was deaf
Highest sounding "female" voice
Number of spaces on a staff
Category of instruments that need air
This note gets 2 beats (toh-ah)
This note gets 4 beats (toh-ah-ah-ah)
To make up words that don't make sense (to sound like an instrument)
All string instruments have....
This note gets silence (shh)
Category of instruments that you hit, beat, shake or scrape
The bigger an instrument, the....they sound
Brass instruments all have a...
Wind instruments can be brass or....
Highest sounding "male" voice
LINES of treble clef (in order)
Lowest sounding "male" voice
Lowest sounding "female" voice
The tiny piece of wood that all woodwind instruments use