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Baseball Teams

Only team that plays in Canada
Won the NL pennant in 2009
Miami's team
Detroit's team
Won the 2001 World Series
Won the 2004 World Series
Won the 2015 World Series
San Diego's team
Minnesota's team
Milwaukee's team
They have the most World Series titles
Won the 2008 AL Pennant
Chicago's AL team
Oakland's team
Won the 2002 World Series
Houston's team
They play in Minneapolis
Washington D.C.'s team
Colorado's team
Won the 2016 World Series
Won the AL pennant in 2016
Won the 1986 World Series
Cincinatti's team
First to hire a African-American player
Seattle's team
Won the 1971 World Series
Has the second most World Series titles
Won the AL pennant in 2010 and 2011
Won the 1969 AL Pennant
Won the 1996 NL pennant
San Francisco's team