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Law Vocab. Study Guide

Right to (fill in blank) in guest room, including right to restrict access.
Right to cancel, also called the right to avoid or what?
Governmental subdivision charged with administering legislation that applies to a particular industry.
This duty does not extend to unforeseeable or unexpected criminal acts by third persons.
Valid vs. fill in blank vs. Voidable vs. Void
A proposal to do or give something of value in exchange for something else.
Intentionally untruthful statement made for the purpose of misleading someone.
A body of rules to which people must conform their conduct; a form of social control.
The person to whom the offer is made.
Law adopted by federal or state legislature.
The breach of a legal duty to act reasonably that is the direct (proximate) cause of injury to another.
If a hotel invites guests to swim in a natural body of water, the inn’s duty of reasonable care requires it to inspect the bottom for dangerous objects.
Refers to lawsuits; the process of filing claims in court, and ultimately going to trial.
The person who makes an offer.
A person who brings a case against another in a court of law.
Based on an obligation imposed by the law with no agreement needed between parties; victim prosecutes and receives compensation or restitution.
The personal rights that derive primarily from the Constitution.
Receipt of services without payment.
Threats of harm if they do not sign.
Facts sufficient for a reasonably prudent person to believe that evidence of a crime is located in the place the police want to search.
Goods are fit for ordinary purpose and are at least of average quality.
An individual, company, or institution sued or accused in a court of law.
We owe the duty only to those people who would (fill in blank) be injured by our actions
The three most common foodborne illness are: clostridium perfringens, (fill in blank), and salmonella.
Outlawed discrimination in four types of establishments; hotels, places of entertainment, gas stations, and what?
Someone who comes to an establishment for the purpose for which the business is open to the public.
Can refuse persons who are: criminals, (fill in blank), disorderly, unclean and unkempt, or suffering from contagious disease.
Rental of rooms suitable for overnight stays.
A body of rules to which people must conform their conduct; a form of social control.