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Music Library Crossover

The Music Studio- Ms Becki
CCS Session, April 20, 2017
Long and connected sounds
Repetition of a consonant sound
Words and details that appeal to the 5 physical senses.
Short and detached sounds
A patterned repetition of vowel and consonant sounds
The texture of a sound, ex. how you can tell the difference between a trumpet or a piano
How high or low a sound is
4 line stanzas that rhyme. ABAB form
The organization of sound patterns
Poem that tell a story
A term used to describe loud or soft
Sound direction: up, down or stay the same
A general music term used to identify different sounds
Doesn't follow a fixed rhyme scheme
A poem that formally addresses a person, place, thing or idea.
2 consecutive lines of a poem
A phrase or line that repeats regularly in a poem
A way of organizing a piece with identifiable changes
How fast or slow a piece is
A 4 line stanza