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Renaissance: Chapter 28

Renaissance statesman and historian who wrote The Prince
Book about how politics and government, advises rulers to do what works best rather than what is good
Lorenzo Medici was also known as Lorenzo the _______ for his contributions to art
Florence is located on this river, making it an important trade center
Paint that is thicker and dried slowly, allowing artists to spend more time on their work
The appearance of depth on a flat surface
Architect of the Sanata Maria del Fiore
Family that ruled Florence for nearly 300 years
Famous Renaissance artist, scientist, and inventor
One of the first artists to use the new, more lifelike style
Authors during the Renaissance starting writing in their own language instead of in _______
Humanists were inspired by ______ ideals
Conducted important experiments about gravity
Prized the individual and studied nature and society
The leading cultural center of Italy during the Renaissance
One of Donatello's most famous sculptures
Artists known for his scuptures of David and La Pieta
Author of The Divine Comedy
Instead of relying on old books and theories, scientist began performing ______
Relating to earthly life rather than to religious or spiritual matters
Created opportunities for artists by spending money on paintings, statues, and buildings
Florence was Europe's ______ center
Florence was the center for this type of cloth trade
Private townhouses of wealthy families