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Boise Y Swim Team Crossword

Hardest workers can earn this award
A mascot; a type of fish
Our keynote speaker was born in this tiny state
Stroke swum while looking at the stars
Crawling on your front, but in the water
Highest honor a Boise Y swimmer can be awarded with
Being accountable for one's own actions
Has a big heart, a loud voice, and a goatee
Olympic Silver Medalist
YMCA Nationals Coach of the Meet
An insect with wings; a stroke
We set these for personal achievement
Truthfulness or sincerity
Esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person
A frog's favorite stroke
Current Big D trophy holder
They drive you to practice, feed you , and love you more than anything
Scholars can apply for this prestigious award as seniors
It takes this to be a successful swimmer or student
To be concerned or have a special preference