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Author: Salsa
Hunt. __ the Scriptures b/c in them is eternal life
Ring. God can put a __ of angels around His own
Odor. 2 those dying in their sins, Christians have the __ of death
Envision. Let none __ evil. Zec.7:10
Condemnation 2 hell 4 all eternity. Matt.25:46
Handle. God cares about the way I __ people
Life. Bible explains the meaning of my __
Endless afterlife. Escape __ in hell: ask Jesus 2 save U
Iniquity. Bible will keep U from __ & __ will keep U from the Bible
Rescues. Jesus __ us if we call on Him. Romans 10:13
Say this 2 sin
Conclusion. Bible gives U eternal perspective 2 help U endure 2 the __
Studies. Bible is a Book that __ U
A doctrine. Repentance is a __ of the Faith
Abraham's homeland or text 4 "you are"
Exists. Jesus __ alive, so we will also be resurrected
Flaming abyss the Bible tells us how 2 avoid
Education. Scripture gives us the __ of salvation in Christ. 2 Timothy 3:15
Holy Bible, God's guidebook 4 salvation
Embarrassed. I am not __ of Bible b/c it leads me 2 salvation. Romans 1:16
Jesus. Bible testifies of eternal life in__. John 5:39
Victim. U won't become a spiritual __ if U obey Jesus
Spectators. Much of the Bible was written by __
Devil, the enemy of our souls
Compliant. Jesus is the source of salvation 4 the __. Hebrews 5:9
Either __
Everlasting. Gift of God is __ life in Jesus. Romans 6:23
Evening. Meditate on Bible day & __ 2 prosper. Joshua 1:8
Prods gently. Holy Spirit __ us 2 obey God; unclean spirits entice us 2 evil
Grief. When suffering __, open Bible 4 comfort
Doable. Enjoying Paradise 4ever is __ via Jesus only
Trap. God will __ the wicked in their own snares
Get set on fire. Turn or __, repent or regret
United Kingdom (ab)
That is (ab)