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Chemistry Crossword

_____ is the only good guy on the periodic table.
I'm up when its hot, and I'm down when its cold. Who am I?
What do you call a Trojan horse that rides during the night?
What do you call a prisoner that is silly?
Twenty divided by ___ is two
What is the one weakness of Superman?
Dr. Martin Luther King ___ the Civil Rights Movement.
A man got half of his leg amputated, leaving only his ____.
Another name for a policeman.
What is the name of Mickey Mouse's dog?
You can wear me on your finger, or use me to write. A lot of men use me to propose to their future wife. Who am I?
It only costs a ______ to park here all day.
Two chemists got married. It did not work out, and now the wife is getting _____.
What does a pirate say?
A school house burned down. Once further investigated, the police discoverd it was _____.