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Leah's Spelling List 04/24/2017

Cooperating to do something bad.
Be aware of or find out.
Smash together.
A regional manner of speaking.
Meat that has been mixed with spices and put in a intestine casing. Breakfast weiners!
To save something for future use.
A entire region that drains into a river.
To fight or argue.
Competition for the same prize.
The part of your brain that tells you what is right and what is wrong.
A part of a society that makes products for merchants to sell.
Relaxed and easy going.
To make like everything else, to absorb and integrate.
A person in the business of trading money for products.
Related to college or college students.
To collect and sort things, like papers.
To reuse something for something else.
Where your arm connects to your torso.
A space to reserve or store fluids.
Groups of cows and bulls.
The largest country is South America