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Math 1 (Algebra terms)

Point where graphs intersect
Exponential graphs approach this line, but never touch it
What happens to the graph as x gets very large or very small (2 words)
Two or more equations
Replace one expression with another
The 3 in y=3x
The number being multiplied in an exponential expression
Rise over run
A term without a variable (just a number)
A graph that goes up as it goes to the right
A graph that goes down and to the right
Point where graph crosses y-axis
Method of solving a system by adding equations (one variable expression cancels)
Point where graphs meet
The result of addition
The number of times the base is being multiplied
The result of subtraction
2 times and 3 times an equation are ____________ of the original equation
A shift in a graph up or down
The horizontal line (y=0)
A graph that doesn't change direction