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Rocks and Minerals

Solid material with atoms arranged in a repeating pattern
Melted cooled rocks below Earth's surface
When a mineral splits into pieces that are smooth and have regular planes
Rocks that do not have distinct layers or bands
Rare, valuable mineral that can be cut and polished of minerals
Melted rock material cools on Earth's surface
Rocks that are formed when heated or squeezed but not melted
Whether a mineral is dull or shiny
Solid inorganic material that is usually made of two or more minerals
Melted rock material that never reaches Earth's surfac
Resources that are used more quickly than they can be made in nature
The Mohs Scale is used to determine this for a mineral
Inorganic, solid material that has a crystal pattern
Rocks that are formed through sediment collected into layers
Rock that is produced when melted rock from inside Earth cools and hardens
It describes how different kinds of rock are related to one another
Rocks that have visible layers or are elongated grain.
Melted rock material that reaches Earth's surface
Material that contains enough of a useful metal that it can be mined and sold at a profit
Materials that are constantly being recycled or replaced by nature