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Napoleon's Rule

As nationalistic feelings grew, these happened all over Europe
At the time of Napoleon's rise to power, this was the type of government in France
The Napoleonic __ revised French law into a uniform system that was adopted throughout Europe
Napoleon's 500,000 troops were called this
Was a member of this social class
When Napoleon became emperor, he took the crown from this persons hand and put it on his head himself
System introduced to stop European nations from trading with Britain.
Island off the coast of Italy
Where Napoleon was born
Leader of Haitian Rebellion
The French army was defeated by the Russian __, which led to the starvation of thousands of French Troops
After Napoleon was exiled the ___was returned to France
Napoleon Created the ___ of France, where all tax money went.
In 1812, Napoleon's empire stretched to the borders of this country.
Napoleon took the title ____ of the French in 1804
An ongoing battle with this country led to an unpopular tax increase
The Russians did this to crops and homes in order to force Napoleons army deeper into Russia
In October of 1812 Napoleon was forced to retreat from this city
In 1802 Napoleon named himself Consul for ____
Site of Napoleons final battle
Napoleon launched a successful ___ and took over as First Consul of France
___was a system of education intended to train future bureaucrats
In 1798 Napoleon exaggerated his success in this country, where his troops were actually destroyed by the British
Through Shrewd ___, Napoleon was able to keep European powers divided.
Belief that a group of people can make one great nation together
By the time he was 27, he achieved this rank in the French Army
Admiral who sunk most of the french fleet at Trafalgar
Abolished by Napoleon during his reign of the French Empire
Congress created to restore Europe to the way it was before the French Revolution
Napoleon's success in Italy forced this country to withdraw from the war in 1797