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The Devils Arithmetic - Kaylee period 4

What was the color of the ribbon the three fingered women toke from Chaya?
What is Shmuel to Chaya?
What was Aunt Eva's name in the concentration camp?
Someone who is not Jewish
What was Hannah's best friend called?
Where did Hannah live?
What was called a head scarf?
What was Aunt Eva's dead friend called?
Who escaped the camp?
Name of Rivka's brother inn the camp?
What is Gitl to Chaya?
On what did they get to camp on?
Chaya died as a...
Who was going to get married with Shmuel?
What does Chaya's name mean?
How old is Hannah?
Who was Wolfe?
Who did Hannah have to open the door too at the Seder dinner?
What was Hannah's brothers name?