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6th Grade Final Review Puzzle

Teacher: Mr. Kane
An electrical circuit where electrons follow more than one path.
The effect on object as it moves through the air.
Organic material that is used as an energy source.
The device used to study moving air over an object.
The Earth's primary energy source.
Electricity from moving water.
A simple quick drawing.
A device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.
The energy that is generated from the sun's photons
The step in the manufacturing system that relates to quality control.
Working as a group to generate ideas.
The upward force on an airplane.
A man made material.
The earliest designated technological age.
A device used to open and close a circuit.
Captures the energy of moving air.
An electrical circuit where electrons follow one path.
A working model.
A wheel with teeth used to transfer power.
The forward force of an airplane.