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First attempt

Author: Atlas Shruggin
World Cup sponsor
Fastest land animal
Here and now
Control, ________, delete
One who looks ahead
Social philosophy that promotes the group over the individual
Mag. with famous photo contests
A really long time
Income inequality writer of recent fame Thomas
An area
Crazy or deranged
Where the next summer Olympics will be held
Palestinian Islamist militant group
Just writing, no form
Hope or Han
Manpowered vessel
Could be one of a six pack
Farm noise
Famous book about a leader's struggles
Liberal blogger Klein
Part of a particle
Shapely, in a good way
Someone who allows bad habits to continue
A road less paved
A certain "3" that QB's for a controversially named team
A note that follows so
Egg, fruit, or potato
Blockade of sorts
Ida ____ Fuller, America's first Social Security recipient
The study of the arrangement of certain bodies
If you're an owner, what you must pick up in the park sometimes
A bed and breakfast, perhaps
Prefix for cent or verse
Hispanic aunt
Author who said "whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect."
Eat out
The nature of something
A type of winner for a family
You might have to save it someday
It could be a logical one
Everything, or detergent
Get somebody to do you a favor, perhaps
Use, as in one's rights
Something you own, perhaps
Subject about the body
To use force to make one helpless, or in cooking, to reduce
Can be a positive or negative pitching stat
"leggo my ____"
Hector of _____
There's no "I" in it
Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity e.g.
Science guy Bill
It wasn't built in a day
Keep one's head above water
North Carolina's most famous wine region
Dog, food, or even dogfood
Baseball or top
Curvy letter
He's still Tony Stark
One can be mini
If you're on the butt end of a Sheldon Cooper prank, you might hear this
A person whose political beliefs are centered around individual rights
Large sea animal
Less common condiment spelling
Not quite round
Beyond mad
Need an answer? Just _________ it
Science fiction creature of recent fad
Credit where credit is due
What one might call that moment when they first realize
In, on, or near
Prefix for tense or serve
Extra playing periods (abbv.)
Noun describing a country that has recently industrialized
Direction from TX to NY