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Intro vocab

Teacher: Mr. K
You'll need one i n college
The language we should use
Interpreted differently
Persuasive language
Build from nothing
What you qare in intro today
Girls name backwards
Broken in my leg
Proof is in the test
Follows "Wha" in slang
Go back and change
Appeal to my emotions
get married but not tell anyone
College football day abreviation
What you are before 25 accross
Write before you explain
Start with this
Take it to the bank
There's always one of these
Don't write it all
Along with error
Gimme some attitude in writing
Well, that ends it
Draw along the lines
We argue because of what we are
We just have a gift
Well, that makes sense in writing
"Close to the", or our advantage
Show up to school with this every day
Mr K's feelings for unsat kids
Giggle before "he"