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Science Crossword

Trees that shed leaves to save water during the winter and during the dry season.
Largest biome in the world.
A grassland that often has scattered trees.
A biome that is also known as coniferous.
A biome that has few trees and supports small seed-eating animals.
Biome that are found in areas that have mild temperatures and plenty of rain.
Water that has a low salt content.
A biome that is found near the North and South Poles.
A large region characterized by a specific type of climate.
A region that has little or no plant life and is extremely hot.
A biome that has very cold temperatures and little rainfall.
A biome that is known for having crazy amounts of rain a year.
A biome that is found at the top of tall mountains.
Found in warm shallow areas in the neritic zone. Reefs that are made up of small animals.
Biome that is found all over the world except for Antarctica.