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Plant and Animal Review

Dry regions with extreme temperatures
Organisms that obtain energy by feeding on dead plants and animals.
Breath with lungs and have fur or hair
Resting state that helps animals survive the winter
Behaviors that animals learn as they grow.
Different regions animals live in
Extremely cold with little plant life
The way that energy is passed from one organism to another.
The process that allows plants to make their own food.
Very humid and warm with lots of rainfall
Animals without backbones.
Have smooth and moist skin. Start with gills and end with lungs
Animals that breathe with gills
The spreading of seeds from the parent plant to a new place.
The outer shell that crabs have.
Have lungs and scales
Provide support and protection for plants.
Color or pattern that allows an animal to blend into its environment
Animals with backbones.
Warm environments that have many plants.
The seasonal movement of a group of one type of animal
A change in an animals appearance as they move through a life cycle.
The spreading of pollen from flower to flower.
Green plants that use sunlight to make energy
Take in water and nutrients in a plant
Plants that make their own seeds
Structures for getting food
Adaptions that help animals survive in their habitat
Help a plant make its own food
Moving bodies of water.