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Science EOG Review Puzzle 4

Equipment used to measure atmospheric pressure.
This is the generation that produces the offspring.
This is the biological process of creating a new organism.
This is an organism's response to a stimulus developed by being taught or watching another organism.
The conditions that surround someone or something.
This is an attractive force between any two objects due to mass
This is a type of behavior that animals are born with and that helps them to survive.
This is heat or electrical transfer by contact.
This is the actions of organisms in response to stimuli.
A specific characteristic that varies from one individual to another.
These are tubes that carry blood throughout the entire body
This is the transfer of characteristics from parent to offspring.
Not alike; having properties that are not alike
This is an inherited characteristic that increases an organism's chance of survival.
This a trait that is passed down to us from our parents or other relative, like grandparents. It is passed down through genes.
These are the descendants of the parent generation.
Any living thing with one or more cells.
The passing on of genetic traits from parents to offspring.
This refers to an increase in some quantity over time. In organisms, this is a result of mitosis.