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Chemical Texture Service

The curl reformation service does not require the physical action of ____
Wave ____ has reached its peak when it forms a firm letter S shape
____ hair will not make a chemical service uncomfortable or dangerous
2 basic methods used to wrap the hair around the perm rod are the _____ and spiral
Permanent waving does not require the use of a ______
Chemical texture service does not include ____ ____
A curl ____ is also known as a Jheri curl
Process used to rearrange overly curly hair into a straightened hair form is known as hair ______
Permanently waved hair should be shampooed with ___ _____ shampoos
Application of waving solution to a section of hair prior to rodding
A ___ ___ is used to determine how a client's hair will react to a permanent waving process
Hair ____ determines the # of subsections, size of rods and amount of product to use
Concave, straight, bender, and loop are types of ____ ____
A chemical service should not be given if the hair shows signs of ______ and breakage
In permanent waving, the main ingredient is also known as a ____ agent
True ___ ___ have a pH range of 4.5-7.0
____ is a indication of overprocessing
Process used to chemically restructure straight hair into a wave or curl pattern is ____ waving
2 layers of hair most affected by chemical service are the ____ and the cuticle
Physical and ___ actions cause the bonds within the cortex to be rearranged
Alkaline perms are generally used on hair that is considered to be ____
The hair is projected about 45 degrees beyond perpendicular to its base section in a __ ____ rod placement