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Juvenile Justice and the Court of Law

A document issued by a court of law that gives the police the power to do something
A statement in which a person who has been accused of a crime says in court that they're guilty or not
A lawyer who represents a person or group in the court of law
A legal proceeding by which a case is brought before a higher court for review of the decision of a lower court
A special guardian appointed by the court of to represent a ward of the state
To make an official decision about who is right in a dispute
A lawyer who represents the side in a court case that accuses a person of a crime
The act of detaining or state of being detained
The punishment given by a court of law
A situation in which a person who has committed a crime is allowed out of prison if they behave well
The act of staying away from school without good reason
To remove completely
The ability to take part in a trial
Meriting condemnation or blame especially as wrong or harmful
A systematic process of evaluating the potential risks that may be involved in a projected activity
The act of returning something that was lost or stolen to its owner
The rate at which a person relapses into criminal behavior
An official written statement charging a person with a crime
The act or process of doing what you have been asked or ordered to do
Lacking money; very poor