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Algebra Crossword Puzzle

A rational or irrational number
The set at all first coordinates of x-values
A counting number
A relation in which every domain value is paired with exactly one range value
Is transformation that flips a flips across a line f reflection
A special type of relation that pairs each domain value with exactly one range value
Exactly one solution has 2 intersecting lines
Has infinitely many solutions 2 coincident lines
An equation that states a rule for a relationship among quantities
A measure of the steepness of line
An equation with 2 or more variables
One of the 4 regions into which the x and y-axes divide the coordinate plane
A ratio of 2 quantity with different unit
A ratio with a second quantity of 1 unit such as 17mi/1gal or 17 mil/gal.
A bar graph used to display data grouped in intervals
A statement that 2 Ratios are equivalent such as 1/12=2/24
The number that indicates now many times the base a power is used as a factor
A data value that is far removed from the rest of the data
Is a comparison of 2 quantities by division